Gradual and secure reopening of Madagascar

 Madagascar is recognized as a safe destination for international passengers and tourists. The Ministry of Tourism announced on Wednesday that "the health protocols put in place by the Malagasy government have been validated by the World travel and tourism council (WTTC - World Travel and Tourism Council)". This validation, continues the ministry, resulted in the issuance of the "Safe Travel Stamp which recognizes the country on the international scene, for the implementation of hygiene protocols ensuring the safety of travelers during the pandemic".

The Ministry indicates that this label was obtained after evaluation carried out by the WTTC at the request of the Malagasy authorities. This initiative, specifies the ministry, was taken "following the announcement of the imminent reopening of the Malagasy borders and in order to give a boost to the sector in a difficult health context". The idea is to "reassure travelers about the measures taken to provide them with a pleasant and safe stay," he adds.