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DAY 1 International flight - Antananarivo

On your arrival at the Ivato Antananarivo airport, you will be accommodated by the reception’s agent of Mada Hexagone.  After the various formalities, your car will lead you to the hotel for your night.  You will have time to relax after the flight.  
Overnight:  Hotel

DAY 2 Antananarivo - Orchid Turn - Antananarivo

Today, you will visit the Horticulturists approved such as:  PET Farm – Madagascar Flora – Malala Orchids farm; to admire the various types and species of orchids.  
Overnight: Hotel

DAY 3 Antananarivo Turn

Finishing the breakfast, you will discover the upper town of Antananarivo where you will have a good site to take photographs the capital and his surroundings.  Then, you will visit the blue hill of Ambohimanga   21km in the north of Antananarivo, it is a site full with charm with its attractive history and also classified world Patrimoine by UNESCO since December 2001. 

In the afternoon, your guide will lead you to visit the art ironwork; here, the objects are made with recovered materials. 

Overnight:  Hotel

DAY 4 Antananarivo - Mantasoa

Departure the morning towards the East, towards the rocks of Angavokely (Forest Station in high forest where one can see several species:  Lithophyte – Epiphyte such as:  Cynorkis – Phajus – Beclardia on the ground And Jumellea and Angraecum on the rocks). 

Visit village of Mantasoa:  it is a tourist and historical site - It finds a vestige of the first industrial complex there creates by Jean Laborde where weapons the minutions, manufactured the soap and glass.  It can still visit the cemetery of Jean LABORDE as well as the “bath of the Queen”, the workshop with the guns and the blast furnace. 

Overnight:  Hotel

DAY 5 Mantasoa - Andasibe

After you finish the breakfast, you will continue the road in direction of the East of Madagascar at the Andasibe village, 90km from Mantasoa.  In Andasibe, before visiting the two reserves: the small island of the Lemurs and the farm of the crocodiles, you will also settle at the hotel where you will take the night and dine in the evening. 

Overnight:  Hotel

DAY 6 Andasibe

Day of prospection in the Park Orchids rich also in Orchids and Ferns for seeing most beautiful:  Eulophella – Grammangis – Cymbidiella

Overnight:  Hotel

DAY 7 Andasibe

You have a full day to explore Andasibe National Park or Mantadia with your local wildlife guide. This is a mountain forest park offering the chance to spot a variety of lemurs, reptiles and birds. One of its most famous inhabitants is the Indri Indri – the largest of lemurs with a black and white teddy bear like appearance. You hear the Indri before you see them and waking up to their songs of communication in the early hours of the morning with the mist still hugging the rainforest canopy is a highlight of your trip to the Red Island. It is best to leave early morning to be near the Indri when they make their
distinctive morning group communication calls. Other lemurs which can be seen here are the red-bellied lemur, brown lemur, lesser bamboo lemur, with nocturnal lemurs - brown mouse lemur, greater dwarf lemur , Eastern woolly lemur, sportive lemur, aye aye (seen once each year!).

Overnight: Hotel

DAY 8: Andasibe – Manambato - Bush House

This morning you set off east towards the Pangalanes channel on the east coast.  This is a

series of lakes that were linked together to form a safe passage up the east coast.  After a

45 minute boat trip you will arrive at the Bush House.  The rest of the day is yours at leisure to relax or prospect the surroundings and to see the insectivore plants.

Overnight:  Bush House – has several bungalows overlooking the lake.  Each

bungalow has a balcony and ensuite bathroom.  There is a restaurant and outside sitting area

DAY 9: Bush House

For today, you will visit the Palmarium; it is a private natural reserve.  This peninsula of 46 hectares gives a single outline of the fauna and the specific flora of Madagascar:   luxuriant vegetation of the forest of the Pangalanes channel for example Comettes - Angraecum – Jumellea – Grammangis – Cirrhopetalum – and other decorative plants:  ferns – draceana – pandanus – cyperus.    And you go in boat to reach this peninsula.  Here, it is possible to see a family of indri, Coquerel' S sifaka, black lemurs, crowned lemurs, black and white ruffed lemurs and red lemurs.  The rest of the day is yours at leisure. 

Overnight:  Hotel

DAY 10: Bush House – Tamatave - Antananarivo

From Bush House you transfer has further 2 hours up the Pangalanes channel past villages

where you will see the children swimming, the women washing the clothes and the men out fishing.  This is quite a fun transfer as you pass these everyday Malagasy scenes.  You will have the possibility of seeing Orchids during the navigation on the board of the Pangalanes channel.  On your arrival into Tamatave you will transfer to the airport for a flight back to Antananarivo.

Overnight:  Hotel

DAY 11: Antananarivo - Antsirabe

After the breakfast, 68 km of a good asphalt road lead you to Ambatolampy which deserves that one stops there, to visit a factory of aluminum pots which are the base of the Malagasy kitchen utensils; because it is there that they are manufactured. 

Visit finished, you take again the road bordered of splendid landscapes made up of rice plantations in terraces and cultures, during 100Km, until Antsirabe.   

Called “Malagasy Vichy “, the water town makes you discover the stone gem cutting and the Malagasy craft industry in the area of the Vakinankaratra ethnic group: production of bicycles and miniature rickshaws and transformation of the zebu horn. 

Overnight:  Hotel

DAY 12: Antsirabe – Ambohimanjaka - Antsirabe

Today, you will have one day to visit the orchid’s plantation which is located at Ambohimanjaka, 40 km in the south from Antsirabe. 

For the orchids, the world counts of them approximately 3000 species and 800 kinds.  Madagascar shelters 1000 species and has some more than the other countries.  More the share of them are epiphytes and the other terrestrial ones.  They develop especially in the wetlands like the East and the Highlands. 

Among these 1000 species, Ambohimanjaka village shelter of them some species like the angreacum and the jumellia. 

Overnight:  Hotel

DAY 13: Antsirabe – Antananarivo - International flight

For the morning, you will leave the town of Antsirabe to join Antananarivo.  While arriving, your driver guides take along you to the large artisanal market of the Road Dam where you find gathered all that is done in Malagasy craft industry. You’ll have the choices; there has a same tariff as elsewhere. 

And in the evening, you will have time to prepare at your hotel for your return flight.  After this preparation, you will be led to the international airport of Ivato.  Also, the driver guides assists you during the formalities at the airport.   Our services stop here.  We wish you a good travel. 

Day use: Hotel