Mitsio tour for 17 days

  • Duration: 17 Days Days
  • Arriving: Antananarivo
  • Departing: Antananarivo
Fringed by white sandy beaches with extraordinary birds, lush vegetation and encircled by coral reefs, the region is bathed in sunshine all year round. Tsarabanjina is a sacred islet. On the small peninsula of the eastern beach you can find the tomb of the Sakalava kings of the Mitsio islands. Up to this day the people of the Mitsio islands venerate this place; they come here bringing their offerings (money, honey, rum...).
Day 1 International flight - Antananarivo

On your arrival into Antananarivo you are meet and transferred to the hotel for the night.
Overnight: hotel

Day 2 Antananarivo – Tuléar - Ranohira

Transfer to the airport for your flight south to Tulear.
Arrived at Tulear, your 4x4 vehicle took you at the airport and drive you also at north to the sandstone massif of the Isalo National Park. Two days here to explore the canyons and plateaux of the massif with overnight accommodation at the luxurious hotel.
Relax at the lodge after the flight and long drive.

Days 3 and 4: Ranohira

Over these 2 days you have the fantastic opportunity for some trekking through impressive canyons and along dramatic bluffs; Isalo's topography has been sculpted over the years by wind and water and now lends itself to some quite fanciful shapes. A classic walk is along the Massif affording dramatic views and arriving late in the afternoon at "La Piscine Naturelle", a natural swimming pool formed in the rocks fringed by palm trees and forever topped up by a flowing waterfall. After a day out in the sun it is hard to refuse...Traveler also have the option of visiting a variety of natural canyons in the area, or just relaxing back at the hotel.
Overnight: hotel

Day 5 Ranohira - Ranomafana

Today you continue north into the highlands, stopping at the community run Anja.
Here, it is possible to see ring-tailed lemurs playing amongst the granite rocks.
Depending on your arrival you may have the chance to enjoy a leisurely walk in front of the Ranomafana National Park.
Overnight: hotel

Day 6 Ranomafana

Ranomafana National Park covers an area of 41 000 hectares and has dense rainforest of medium altitude with waterfalls and rapids. It is home to 12 species of Lemur including the golden bamboo. Lemurs are not the only attraction however with the park boasting an impressive 118 species of bird. A variety of trails and footpaths lead you through this dense
jungle but it's the sheer majesty of the forest itself that makes the Park so beautiful. A variety of orchids, tree palms and ferns and a huge variety of geckos, chameleons and beautiful little colored frogs make this a thoroughly enjoyable day.
Overnight: hotel

Day 7 Ranomafana - Antsirabe

Depart Ranomafana and head north stopping at the town of Antsirabe for the night.
Overnight: hotel

Day 8 Antsirabe - Andasibe

This morning you have an early start to head further north to the Andasibe National Park. On your arrival at the lodge, you can take the time to relax or alternatively visit the “Lemur Island” where previously captive lemurs now live a relatively free life.
Overnight: hotel

Day 9 Andasibe

You have a full day to explore Andasibe National Park or Mantadia with your local wildlife guide. This is a montane forest park offering the chance to spot a variety of lemurs, reptiles and birds. One of its most famous inhabitants is the Indri, Indri – the largest of lemurs with a black and white teddy bear like appearance. You hear the Indri before you see them and waking up to their songs of communication in the early hours of the morning with the mist still hugging the rainforest canopy is a highlight of your trip to the Red Island. It is best to leave early morning to be near the Indri when they make their distinctive morning group communication calls. Other lemurs which can be seen here are the red-bellied lemur, brown lemur, lesser bamboo lemur, with nocturnal lemurs - brown mouse
lemur, greater dwarf lemur (Sep/Oct - May), Eastern woolly lemur, sportive lemur, aye aye (seen once each year).
Overnight: hotel

Day 10 Andasibe – Palmarium

This morning you set off east towards the Pangalanes Canals on the east coast. This is a
series of lakes that were linked together to form a safe passage up the east coast. After a
45 minute boat trip you will arrive at the private reserve of Palmarium. The rest of the
day is yours at leisure to relax and enjoy the lemurs that live in the trees around the lodge.
Overnight: hotel

Day 11 Palmarium

Enjoy a walk through the forest with one of the lodge guides. Here it is possible to see a
family of indri, Coquerel’s sifaka, black lemurs, crowned lemurs, black and white ruffed
lemurs and red lemurs. The rest of the day is yours at leisure.
Overnight: hotel

Day 12 Palmarium – Tamatave - Antananarivo

From Palmarium you transfer a further 2 hours up the Pangalanes Canals past villages
where you will see the children swimming, the women washing the clothes and the men out fishing. This is quite a fun transfer as you pass these everyday Malagasy scenes. On your arrival into Tamatave you will transfer to the airport for a flight back to Antananarivo.
Overnight: hotel

Day 13 Antananarivo – Tsarabanjina island

Catch your flight northwards to Nosy Be and connect with your transfer by boat to the idyllic island of Tsarabanjina.

Set admits the Mitsio archipelago this is a mountainous island surrounded by beautiful white beaches and is an ideal place to relax after the last couple of weeks of exploration.  Optional   include: walks to the top of the mountain for spectacular views, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, diving, water skiing and excursions to the neighboring islands in the archipelago.
The restaurant is on a mezzanine level above the sand floored bar which both look out over spectacular sea views. Principally sea food based cuisine with the option to dine on the beach under the stars.

Overnight: Constance Lodge Tsarabanjina - a private island consisting of 18 thatched bungalows constructed of indigenous timber with sea view terraces and cleverly
located to give one the utmost privacy

Days 14, 15 Tsarabanjina island

You have 2 full days on Tsarabanjina to relax after the adventures of the last couple of weeks. This is the best place in Madagascar to scuba dive which can be arranged and paid for locally.
Overnight: Constance Lodge Tsarabanjina

Day 16 Tsarabanjina island – Nosy Be - Antananarivo

Return to Nosy Be and fly back to Antananarivo for the night.
Overnight: hotel

Day 17 Antananarivo - International flight

Transfer to the airport for your onward flight home.

The Mitsio Archipelago is a collection of small islands 40 nautical miles north east of Nosy Be affording excellent diving and snorkelling on vibrant fringing coral reefs. The archipelago is made up of about a dozen islands, which are uninhabited except by a few small fishing hamlets and one tourist resort and is only accessible by boat. Skimming over the water you often glimpse bottle nosed dolphins and green turtles but the arrival is even more breathtaking, as you slow amongst tiny tropical islands, lush with tropical vegetation and necklaced with powder-white beaches.