Day 7 Ranohira - National Park of Isalo – Tuléar - Ifaty

You're up bright and early this morning; a great and beautiful day waits. 17 km of track to reach the Canyon maki where you have the chance to observe Verreaux's sifaka, lemurs lemurs, brown lemurs scattered in the surrounding vegetation and your local guide makes it a pleasure for you to uncover.

Then, you return to the car for 20 miles to get to the Natural pool featuring a waterfall and beautifully lined with pandanus. Don’t forget your swimsuit at the bungalow, swimming is allowed and the water is very good.

After this visit, the car will carry you quietly for the 243 km still to go before reaching the south coast, and it connects well underway the endless straight lines of the plateau Horombe.
The crossing of the small "boom town" of Ilakaka, you will understand by signs that can be seen on a large majority of the buildings, this area was an important center of mining sapphire today declining.

Baobab trees and aloes: a new growth appears. Mahafaly tombs are remarkable: they are the only solid structures in the south.

After a few hours by car, passing Andatabo: a mountain-shaped table, there are only 15 km to be in Tulear.
Arriving in Tulear, your driver guide will take you by car to visit the city in general. Visit finished, you will have 26 km of track to reach the seaside resort of Ifaty and settle in the cozy bungalow hotel where you will take your dinner.