Day 5 – Fianarantsoa – Tolongoina – Manakara

Today, you must get up early because the train FCE (Fianarantsoa – East Coast) from early this morning. Your seats will be in the first-class charm. You will hear the whistle of the locomotive diesel makes its way out of town and across the rice fields. Throughout the journey, at every stop, small sellers will offer their culinary specialties: samosas, fried bananas, boiled crayfish, fruits, etc.  You do not hesitate to taste all those specialties.

You find your car waiting for you at the train station to Tolongoina to take you for Manakara.

In your arrival, you will sit in your hotel which lies along the Indian Ocean. In the evening you will enjoy your dinner at the restaurant of your hotel. After dinner, it’s time for you to relax in your bungalow.