Day 4– Antsirabe – Fianarantsoa

Breakfast finished and the luggage in the car, you will go for 98 miles of good paved road to the capital Ambositra Crafts Malagasy. Throughout the route you will admire the tremendous work that was done to “make” this beautiful landscape of rice paddies and terraced fields.

After visiting shops and craft workshops sculptors Ambositra, you will take the winding road lined with rice terraces, rivers, mountains and cultures, to reach the capital of Betsileo ethnic group: Fianarantsoa whose name means “learning well”.

On arrival, your driver guide will lead you to the hotel where you will take the time to freshen up before joining the Panda restaurant downtown for dinner during which you can if you want ,to eat the bat mouse or alligator, and also more traditional dishes.