Day 3 – Antananarivo – Ambatolampy – Antsirabe

After breakfast, 68 miles of good paved road leads you to Ambatolampy that deserves attention, to visit a factory of aluminum pots that are the basic utensils Malagasy, because they are made there.

After this visit, you take the road lined with beautiful landscapes made of rice terraces and cultures during 100Km up Antsirabe. Nicknamed “The Vichy Malgache”, the city water you discover the stone-cutting and crafts of the region of Malagasy ethnicity Vakinankaratra: production of bicycles and rickshaws and mini processing horn zebu. You dine in the restaurant “The Push Push” aptly named because it is in an original setting and as you feast on specialties Malagasy sitting in seats … rickshaw. Located downtown, the hotel welcomes you for a night in a warm atmosphere.