This morning after breakfast you will go on a 3 to 4 hours hike to Andasibe National Park, a huge tropical rainy forest in the east. Here you will be able to spot about 9 different species of lemurs. The highlight is the “Indri Indri” which is the largest lemur of the island. This 810 ha reserve is also home to numerous unique species. It contains a wide variety of orchids, canopy, endemic animals like chameleons, tenrecs, and many birds. After the hike, visit to Andasibe village, a typical Betsimisaraka (The-Many-inseparable) village, the second largest tribe. They cultivate rice and work on vanilla plantations.

Afterwards, we will visit the private park of Vakona in the “islands of lemurs” which is the best spot to take pictures of lemurs.

Overnight at the hotel on a Bed and Breakfast Basis.