Day 12: Andringitra- Bike to Ankaramena –Ihosy -Ranohira

After breakfast, we return by bicycle to Ambalavao to join the national highway going south. Gray mountains and red laterite, the landscape of the West American begins to appear. Everything becomes dry. There are many tombs and standing stones on the summits. Discovery of vast steppes conducive to zebu cattle. Small Houses, dry yellow grass and frequent bush fires appear. The road becomes right. The air becomes hot and dry. We descend to Ankaramena.

After Ankaramena, we take the car to reach Ihosy.
The city serves as a transition between the green highlands of central Madagascar and dry

south. In the afternoon, we cross the vast plate of Horombe to go to Ranohira; those want to bike, you can ride the last kilometers to our hotel situated at the foot of the National Park of Isalo
Overnight: Hotel
Km of cycling: 187 kilometer
Difficult narrow stony track with many ascents, descents and turns between Andringitra and Ambalavao; easy wide tarred road and straight between Ambalavao and Ranohira with many ascents and descents
Type and conditions of trails:
Runway to the first part, wide national road from Ambalavao to Ranohira