Day 11: Hike in Andringitra

For today we let the bicycle. We will do a circuit called "Asaramanitra»; this is a long hike 6 kilometer loop. This circuit can be done in 4 hours with picnic break; it depends on the physical ability of participants. The Asaramanitra circuit takes you to the foot of the sacred fall Riandahy, 300 meter high.
You will discover its "half" the Riambavy under mist and brilliant water pearls.
You will find the grotto Ijajofo which was a former shelter of dahalo (robber’s zebu).

This tour is ideal for to find more extraordinary species and rare bird, the Lophotibus cristata.

Overnight: Hotel
Km of cycling: break
Difficulty: 4 hours walk in the park, depend on the ability of participants

Type and conditions of trails: Visit of the Andringitra National Park