Day 11 Tour of Antananarivo - Departure for international flight

After breakfast, the car brings you to the upper town to visit the ancient city of Antananarivo.  You will see a photograph of the city on a beautiful and magnificent view.  Ending this discovery, you keep the car ride to see the higher; middle and lower city.  After this visit, your driver guide takes you in the car to go to the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001: the "Blue Hill" where there is a royal palace.
In the afternoon, you will be driven to the big traditional market because it is possible that you'll want to bring back some memories of Madagascar. You will find all gathered Malagasy crafts.
By late evening, you'll have plenty of time to prepare your luggage at the hotel where you will welcome you in day use.
You will have a moment to be comfortable, to take bath etc for your   journey home.  You'll also take your dinner before your transfer to the airport by the Mada Hexagone’s driver guide who will assist you until your registration is completed.

It's the end of our services. Our team wishes you a pleasant journey and hopes to see you soon for discovering another face of Madagascar.