Information about Madagascar

About the:

  • Geography:

Located south of the Equator in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is separated from the Southeast African coast by the Mozambic Channel of 400km in wide.

  •  Surface : 592 000km2, 4th largest Island of the world
  • Capitale : Antananarivo
  •  Climate 

The climate is featured by 2 seasons:
Dry and cool: June to September
Hot and Wet: November to March
The cyclonic period is from January to March

  •  Population: 20 000 000
  • Number of Ethnic Group: 18
  •  Economy :

Mainly based on the export of agricultural product such as coffee, vanilla, clove, pepper

Industrial culture such as : cotton, tobacco, sugar canes
Processing industry: textile, sugar,
Mining industry::Precious stones, chromium, graphite, mica…

  •  The Fauna :

Lemurs are the most popular of all the fauna that include chameleons, rare butterflies, birds and butterflies and the enormous breathtaking marine life

  •  The Flora 

There are 7 varieties of Baobab tree, the camivorous plant called Nepenthes, and more than 1000 varieties of orchids…Madagascar has also hundred of medicinal plants used by local and foreign pharmaceutical industries;

Essences and essential oils extracted from cinnamon, grooves, clove, niaouli, ylang-ylang, geranium, lemon, grass… are well known.